Letter to the Congregation

From the Worship Committee

Kay Peterson, Chair


The Walking Together grant, which we received for expenses created by COVID-19, has been fulfilled.   We have taken delivery of the sanitizing stations, and they are now being installed and set up.  This will allow us to go indoors for services when the weather turns. 

It is still safer for all to continue outdoors for our services as long as possible.  When we do move indoors, I’m sorry to say, we will continue to have to social distance and wear masks.  No fellowship time after service and communion will continue as we have been doing with the self-contained units.  Still, no singing or at least not loudly, speaking into the mask is fine. 

We will also need a new group of volunteers.  After each use, the restroom will need to be sanitized (the way the synod rules read).   A volunteer will be required for each service.

Our ushers will have some new duties.  Making sure people seat themselves according to the markings on the pews, set for social distance of individuals and families.  A big THANK  YOU to Craig and Rae Anderson for marking the pews to maintain the social distancing.  The ushers will also be dismissing congregants by row after service.  This maintains the social distancing and prevents bottlenecks when people are leaving.  We will also use three exits.  The one on the north side of the church, the one down the hall between the Pastors office and the restroom.  The main doors will be for the disabled who need the ramp for leaving.

To have smaller services, we will consider having a Wednesday service.  This time frame of Sunday and Wednesday will allow the 72 hour time so deep cleaning will not have to be done.  We will probably have to have a sign up for which time members and guests will be attending so we don’t have to say we are full and have to turn anyone away because of reaching capacity.  Based on the attendance we’ve had during outdoor services, it may not be a problem, but we are figuring some are waiting for indoor services before returning.

Those who are at risk should still remain home, and small children should still not wear masks.  There is not near the air circulation or UV rays indoors, so the risk is higher moving indoors; the social distancing and mask-wearing are even more important.  I hope we have covered everything of importance.  Blessings to you all.

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