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God's Work Our Hands through the year

We had a very successful God's Work Our Hands this year and thanks to all who participated.  There is a saying idle hands the devil's playground or maybe more appropriately if you want to change your attitude from one of despair to hope, reach out and help someone.

So here are some of the options to continue and even help your disposition during this time:

Notes of encouragement – Consider writing a kind word to someone who could use a encouraging word.

Contribute to the Food Bank

Help a neighbor shoveling snow or providing a hot meal if they can't get out.

Offer to pick up groceries for shut-ins

Bake a neighbor a batch of cookies, bread or cake especially if they have children this is a nice treat

Call at least one person you are missing (in the congregation or not) and make their day.

Volunteer for 2nd Harvest Truck when it's here

Other initiatives, we need blessing bags, so we need to collect items for the following organizations we have supported throughout the years:

NAMI which includes: Hand towels, wash clothes, hair combs, band aids, pocket tissues, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, snack bars, and gum.

Lutheran World Relief:  Personal Care Kits and school supplies (we will post these later)


Thanks to Jolyn Horton for having spearheaded once more this vital and important day this year and encouraging these other opportunities to make a difference here and beyond.

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