March 15, 2021

Dear Trinity Sisters and Brothers,

During this past year we have tried to follow Panhandle Health in their color levels for gatherings.  Now that they have gone into the yellow and, hopefully, into the green relatively soon the worship committee has proposed, and Council voted to begin our limited in-person worship starting March 21st instead of waiting till Easter.  We will be holding usher training for the two families that will be ushering in March and April on March 20th.   Our ushers will be using Funeral and Wedding style ushering, which means they will direct you in and out either individually or as family units.

Now that the CDC has said that everyone who has been vaccinated are able to gather within reason without masks, we are hopeful that this will allow us to get back to gathering with some normalcy.  Bearing that in mind we understand that some may not yet have been vaccinated and perhaps some do not wish to be.  It is a personal choice, and we are not called to tell you what to do.  So, for the moment we are asking everyone to wear masks unless you are unable to wear one and we will keep physical distancing for the moment as well.  If you cannot wear a mask, we would ask that you sit over toward the right side of the sanctuary nearer the windows and the vents as this will assist in keeping you and all safe.  Please be considerate of our ushers and each other as we are all part of Trinity’s family and we would like to keep all safe and healthy.

            As far as coming in and going out of the church:

  • At all entries we have our sanitizing units that can be used to clean your hands.  Please do not crowd the entries nor stand around the narthex talking (you can do that freely outside).

  • Please try to enter one way and out another so that you are not crossing one another and blocking entries or exits.

  • If you use the restrooms, please clean up around the area and use a paper towel to open the door upon departure.

  • We will not have coffee inside, but we are looking at providing disposable cups with coffee outside.

  • We will also still provide individual communion units including ones that are gluten free for those who need them that will be kept separate.


These have been trying times for everyone and has caused frustration and impatience upon us all, but it is time for us to put away these feelings and come back together as a community of believers in Christ and be thankful for all that we have learned during this time and for God’s blessings and grace that has brought us through it. 

Let us give thanks for all that we have and as we come back together remember that grace is free and that we are forgiven in Christ Jesus so that we can forgive one another and start fresh as we return to in-person worship.  We will continue to stream our services to Facebook and YouTube due to the interest we’ve received from those opportunities by those unable to attend Trinity as well as broadcast it on the AM radio at 800 AM.


Blessings and peace in Christ our Lord,

Your Council and Pastor