Worship and Contact during this time

A reminder that you can contact us through the following e-mail as well as call Pastor Andy if you have an emergency, wish prayer or a visit.​


Trinity Lutheran Church <trinitylutheranbf@gmail.com>

Fall Schedule 10 am

To Trinity Lutheran Congregation from your Re-commencing Trinity Worship members from the Council and Worship Task force Committee and Pastor Hinderlie

First! We continue our Drive-In/Lawn Chair Worship every Sunday at 9 am on the front lawn of Trinity Lutheran Church for the Summer weather permitting.

First and foremost please remember by now you should realize THERE IS NO GUILT OR JUDGEMENT OR SHAME FOR NOT ATTENDING WORSHIP IN PERSON SO IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE FOR ANY REASON IN ATTENDING WORSHIP YOU CAN STILL BE PART OF THE SERVICE ON LINE.  WE LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU SAFE AND SECURE.  We understand the following requirements will be difficult for some and though we wish we could do otherwise, we have to go with what keeps everyone safe and healthy.


If it's raining the service will still be online and recorded.  It will just not be live at church that day.

We still need to social distance, for all our health.

To do this, with the least impact to each other and the church.

We will provide a reusable worship bulletin that we invite you to put in plastic folders provided by Linda Hall and can take with you or leave till the following Sunday.


- Mask and please wear it.  Even outside.  The virus is very small and stays airborn a long time.

- Lawn Chair, bring your own chair for your health, No one else has used it.  You bring it and take it with you at end of service.

- Umbrella, if you wish to be certain of shade this would be most appropriate.  We will not be having hymnals to hold or bulletins.  So it won't interfere with holding anything else.

- Communion bread and wine are individual units of grape juice and wafer that you can pick up when you come.

- If you wish to come but want to stay in your vehicle the sound system we have will provide you enough sound to hear while you watch the service.  We are working on streaming the service and it will be available thru either our website or Facebook like and that you can connect to thru our wifi or watch at home as well as will be available on line as as recorded service.


- No singing.  You can hum or say the words like a poem.  Singing and shouting spread the virus a long way even through masks. Quietly, no vocal force.

- There will be a bucket to drop the offering in when you arrive or leave.  Nothing will be passed to limit exposure of others and yourself.  The best way is by Simply Giving as it exposes no one.  Cash is, unfortunately, the worst as money passes through so many hands and whatever else.

- No personal contact, you may wave, bow, peace sign, etc just no touch.  6 foot distance between family groups.  If you can't trust yourself and we understand it will be hard, it would be best to stay home.  We don't want to get sick or cause anyone else to get sick. 

- Children under age 2 shouldn't be wearing masks and probably wouldn't keep them on.  It would be best Not to expose them, for theirs and our health.  

- Please go to the bathroom before you arrive.  This may sound silly but it will help save a lot of cleaning between each person who would use it.  (yes this is the guideline, to clean after each person, not sure why we are different from other businesses but our bathroom is small). We will attempt to keep Services to about 40 Minutes and we are not wanting to expose the building, which would then need to be completely sanitized.

- Sanitizing Stations and wall unites: We have purchased sanitizing stations but we do not have these yet.  If we have them we will position them in the areas near the doors entering the front of the building with one way in and another way out.

This is going to take all of us working together to keep each other safe and healthy.  "Love  thy neighbor..." Matthew 22:39 

(208) 267-2894

6784 Cody Street, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805